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Microsuction - painless and easy ear wax removal from £40

Ear wax Removal

The buildup of ear wax (or cerumen to give it its medical name) is a natural secretion that helps protect our ears from dust, dirt and bacteria.The secretions lubricate the ear canal and prevent it becoming too dry. The composition of wax varies from person to person, depending on diet, age and environment.

Wax can build up though, and cause blockages in your ear and impair your hearing. Trying to extract the wax at home with cotton buds or even hairpins (ouch!) can cause pain and damage your hearing as the wax is rammed further down the ear canal. Never remove a wax blockage yourself. If you try to remove ear wax yourself, you risk damaging your ears and your hearing.

A wax blockage may give you mild, temporary hearing loss. For this to happen, the wax has to completely block the canal or press on the eardrum.

If you often have difficulty hearing the TV or radio, or if you miss words in conversation, you may have hearing loss caused by a condition in the middle or inner ear, rather than too much wax in your ears.

There was a time when local GPs would arrange to have excess wax removed with water pressure (syringing). It could be messy, painful for some people, it wasn’t particularly pleasant, and it couldn’t be used for everyone. GPs throughout Northamptonshire no longer offer their patients wax removal services.

The modern way to remove wax is through micro-suction. Our costs start from £40 for one ear or £55 for both ears.

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