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Hearing protection - caring for a vital asset

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Avoiding permanent damage from noise exposure

Exposure to loud noises and listening to anything at a high volume can permanently damage your hearing over time. Risks to your hearing are everywhere in the modern world.  It's not just very loud, one-off noises, either. Anything over 80 decibels (about as loud as someone shouting) can cause permanent damage if you are exposed to it for long enough. An MP3 player on full volume generates abut 100db - enough to damage your hearing in 15 minutes.  Noisy working environments, live music gigs, shooting and auto sports all present particular hazards.

We can advise on, supply and fit a full range of generic and custom made noise protection and communication systems. We use the leading manufacturers to guarantee high quality ear protection products to suit the needs for each individual.
Ear protectors can be tailor made to fit your ear shape - the protectors are custom manufactured from silicon moulds of your ears. Ears are like fingerprints - no two are alike.
It's very important to have this process done correctly. Well fitting protectors (like well-fitting hearing aids) are more comfortable to wear and work better - which means you're much more likely to use them whenever they are needed.