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A quality hearing service from the experienced professionals


Michael Griffiths completed an honours degree in Physiology at the University of Bristol in 1994 before completing a Masters degree in Audiology at the Institute of Vibration Research at the University of Southampton in 1998.

Following completion of his certificate of Audiological Competence in 1999 he worked as a Clinical Scientist at Royal Sussex County Hospital, Birmingham Children's Hospital and later became Head of Audiology at Northampton General Hospital in 2001.

In January 2010 Michael became solely involved with providing private Audiological services. Michael Griffiths is a State Registered Clinical Scientist (Audiology) with more than 25 years experience in Audiology and has provided private audiological services in Northamptonshire for more than ten years.

Registration is maintained by continuing professional development through regular attendance of high-level training courses validated by British Academy of Audiology. This ensures expertise in assessment and rehabilitation.

We pride ourselves on our quality of service, offering rapid appointments, full report writing for each referral and monitoring of patient outcomes to ensure seamless patient journeys.



Ear wax removal is in the capable hands of James Lungley.

James has 20 years experience as an audiologist. His qualifications include an HNC in medical physics and  Parts One and Two of the British Association of Audiology Technicians qualifications. He also holds an MSc in audiological science and is a registered hearing aid dispenser (RHAD).

Before their appointment, patients are asked to complete a questionnaire. As part of their appointment,  and their ears will be examined using an otoscope. If we detect a wax problem, removal is carried out using a low-power medical suction unit that is specially adapted to remove ear wax gently. For most patients wax removal using micro suction is a much more comfortable and effective process than syringing or irrigation.

If a further hearing assessment is required or a commercial hearing aid is called for, this can of course also be arranged for you.

Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths
James Lungley
James Lungley